Friday, 10 June 2011



Pause! Jason Terry, you beauty! Pause again! You make my heart sing. Final pause!

I woke up at the ungodly hour of 5.30 am today to catch the last one and half quarters of Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Dallas. It was worth my while, considering my well documented disdain for Lebron, the self -styled "King James" and his bunch of media-styled "Super best friends" of the Miami Heat.

After the Heat won game 3 in Dallas by 2 points, the media- and even Dirk Nowitzki- were on shooting guard Jason Terry's case for not showing up offensively in the fourth quarter. (he was guarded by James the entire frame) "Jet", as Terry is known, is the Dallas Mavs fourth quarter co-closer, along with the offensive talisman that Dirk has proved to be this postseason.

At the time, Terry admitted he'd been shut down, in the fourth quarter, by "King James". He also quipped that he didn't think James would do the same for the remaining four games, citing the game two victory in Miami, as an example of his fourth frame prowess. Everyone, including, yours truly saw this as a terrible mistake by Jet. He had challenged "The Chose One", the man who speaks of himself in third person, the best player in the game, MJ's heir apparent... It seemed Jet had put an exclamation point on his series.

Then he stepped in a remarkable way, he keyed a 17-4 run the broke the Heat resistance. First he attacked the basket with such ferocity that all the Heat defenders, not guarding Dirk, converged on him. He kicked it out to Jason Kidd who snapped the net with an open 3 ball to make it 105-100 Dallas.

Then this happened....

So much for taking your talents to South Beach.

With the shot clock winding down, he faced up to the King, looked him in the face and swished a 3 from downtown. It was a dagger to the heart. And he mouthed, " It's whatt I do". Greatness is reserved for the brave. No one in the arena expected it. No one on that court would have dared, in that moment, to drop it on "The King". Beautiful. Whether it was desperation, madness, or a particular brand of testicular fortitude, we'll never know.

The rest of the game was a farce, the Heat intentionally fouling to get back the ball; and the Mavs making their free throws. I loved the icy look of Jason Kidd as he swished his foul shots. He reminded me of Timothy Oliphant's "Hitman" portrayal.

What a nice way to start off my day! Let's go Mavs. Take your collective talents to South Beach of one more game!

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