Saturday, 29 October 2011

Racism row: Political correctness gone mad.


First Suarez, now John Terry. Both accused of making racist remarks to black players during Premier League games. I just felt I had to put in my two cents on this one. Terry, apparently, called Anton Ferdinand a “f****** black c***” or something to that effect.

I would like to categorically state that I am a Chelsea fan, so maybe I could be biased. I also happen to be a black person who has lived with people of other races, and witnessed incidents of racism in one form or another.

But surely this is political correctness gone mad! We all know that in professional sports, players say and do all sorts of things to each other in a bid to get the psychological edge over their opponents. Vinnie Jones even wrote a book about it, where among other things, he said he used to tug at opponents’ armpit hair during set-piece situations. It’s nothing new.

Those of us who write articles and give opinions have time to stop and think about we say, we have time edit. I am sure if Terry had said “f****** c***”, no one would have a problem. If he had time to edit, he probably would have omitted the word “black”. Anton Ferdinand is black. Terry described him thus. Why all the fuss? If he had called him the “n-word”, that would be a problem because that word is historically derogative towards black people. If Peter Crouch called Aaron Lennon “a f****** little s***”, would that mean Crouch hates little people and he is a ‘size-ist’

The fact that such a big deal has been made about this is actually indicative of an insidious, hidden racism among the white public. Let us ask ourselves a question. If Anton had called Terry a “f****** white $**#”, would the public have made such a farce? I don’t think so. Basically the white public doesn’t even give black people a chance to be racist because you know, they are disadvantaged. It is why I get to write such an article, I am black. If a white person dared have such views, they would be lynched for being racist! It’s madness!

What about other disadvantaged footballers?  The little ones, the balding ones, the ones with disfigurements(Tevez), those with weird hairlines(Jolean Lescott), the ugly ones(Rooney). Should they all go running to the FA when they are described as such in a heated moment of gamesmanship? Give me a break. It’s time black people started getting treated like everyone else. When did the word “black” become such a taboo word? At this rate, the words; short, fat, bald, ugly and others should also be deemed derogatory. Then football will become a game where everyone is nice to each other, no trash talk and all that ugly business, and Vinnie Jones book will be rendered obsolete.

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